Spa Consultancy

We provide the following services and consultation services.

Needs Assessment

As a full-service spa consultant and fitness consultant professional team provides needs analysis studies which assist clients in making the most appropriate decisions regarding the development of a spa, fitness center or multi-use leisure facility. Studies include market and demographic evaluation, competitive analysis, space plan recommendations and complete financial analysis, Spa Consultant Management Solutions,Spa consulting, spas, spa,resort and hotel spas, spa packages, spa events, spa consulting in canada,spa consulting in europe,spa consulting in usa, spa consulting in toronto, spa consulting in india, Spa Consultancy, Spa Management, Spa Development,Spa Operation, Spa Development Company,Spa Operation Company, Spa Consultants India, Spa Consulting Companies, Spa Training India, International Spa Consultants, Buy Spa Products, Spa Management Consulting, Spa Consulting Services, Spa Designs And Layouts, Spa Planning, Spa Management Companies, Opening A Spa Business, Spa Product Manufacturers, Spa Business Plan, Medical Spa Consultant, Resort Hotel Spa Consultants, Spas Design, Spa Design Consultants , Day Spa Consultants , Spa Management Courses.

These studies have proven to be instrumental in helping owners, developers and property management firms evaluate the viability, and financial potential for a spa or leisure complex. In order to adequately assess the prospective size and scope for a leisure facility, it is vital to understand the potential user profile and market competition.' professional team provides is currently providing these studies for numerous hotels, resorts, private clubs and real estate developments nationwide and abroad.

Concept Development

As an experienced spa consultant and spa management company professional team knows that spas should be grounded in a concept which is unique and particular to their locale and prospective user population.' professional team has provided spa clients including hotels and resorts, private clubs and real estate developments with comprehensive spa concept plans. These include the "story" and describe how the spa will look and feel to the consumer. Further, each spa concept focuses on how a spa in a given market will be special and delineative.

As a creative spa consultant, professional team conducts market research which includes local and regional influences which may then be incorporated into the development of a viable and appealing spa concept.' professional team has provided conceptual development for spas and leisure facilities throughout the country. Our spa concept plans have influenced developers and owners in assisting them in the planning phase for their spas. Ultimately, each spa should have a unique aura and ambiance; spa concept plans help to define this in making it a relaxing and defining experience for the consumer and spa patron.


An experienced fitness and spa design consultant professional team works extensively with architecture and interior design firms throughout the country. We provide planning and design consultation for spas, health and fitness centers, residential community clubhouses, athletic clubs, and many other types of leisure facilities.

These services encompass conceptual and strategic planning, space program development, equipment specifications, millwork, cabinetry, locker room design, reception area and retail layout, data processing, mechanical and electrical areas, and assistance in all areas related to the design for the facility.

As a spa design and fitness design consultant professional team has worked with architecture firms, general contractors, and interior designers india. Our spa design or fitness design goal is to develop the most aesthetically pleasing, functional, and cost-effective space for each client's spa, fitness center, or leisure facility. It is critical to produce an aesthetically pleasing spa design, but it is equally important to design for functionality and cost efficiency.

Operations, Accountability and Profit Plans

Our spa operations and fitness operations experience-particularly in regards to management and promotions-has been responsible for creating exceptional customer service while implementing the most cost efficient operational model at a wide array of spas, fitness centers and leisure facilities.' professional team spa operations and fitness operations creates a consistently relaxing and enjoyable environment for club members, hotel and resort guests, day spa users, community residents, and other patrons.

As an established spa operator and fitness operator professional team has an accounting team dedicated to the financial success of each of our sites. During the needs assessment phase, the' professional team accounting staff can develop a comprehensive financial pro forma based on proposed facility size and scope, staffing structure, anticipated revenue streams and projected utilization. In addition,' professional team can provide projections and forecasts based on 30 years of service as a fitness operator and spa operator with similar facilities to assist in the creation of a sound business plan for our client's spa or leisure developments.

As an established spa operator and fitness operator professional team has an accounting team dedicated to the financial success of each of our sites. During the needs assessment phase, the' professional team accounting staff can develop a comprehensive financial pro forma based on proposed facility size and scope, staffing structure, anticipated revenue streams and projected utilization. In addition,' professional team can provide projections and forecasts based on 30 years of service as a fitness operator and spa operator with similar facilities to assist in the creation of a sound business plan for our client's spa or leisure developments.

We develop both operational and capital budgets. In addition professional team provides our facility managers with helpful financial tools to assist in tracking revenue generation, expense management, and overall financial performance for spa operations and fitness operations.

Additional spa operations and fitness operations services also provided upon client request include EFT billing, credit card processing services, and complete financial systems development.

Supportive (IT)

As an additional service for our clients professional team can provide IT solutions for spa operations and fitness operations that can offer tremendous savings in both hardware and software costs. The professional team IT Network consists of valuable relationships with hardware providers, hosted services that allow access to licensed e-mail, productivity and management software, secure data and off-site backup systems and remote access for management.

Initial and ongoing training and support for spa management and fitness management solutions are provided by the' professional team IT and financial staff. Our spa management solutions provide comprehensive point of sale, appointment booking, inventory control, gift certificate tracking, payroll functionality, and management reporting.' professional team ' fitness management solutions provide point of sale, membership tracking, electronic monthly membership and on-account charges collections, and facility usage reporting. All of our spa management and fitness management solutions provide detailed, customized reporting and interfaces with hospitality and private club systems designed exclusively for' professional team affiliated facilities.


As part of our fitness and spa consulting, or fitness and spa management services professional team provides our clients with an array of marketing, programming and promotional tools designed to boost revenue, increase utilization, and create brand awareness. In addition,' professional team can also offer "customized" creative services designed to meet individual needs. We have provided clients with design and print management services for various marketing and collateral pieces including spa menus, logo development, letterhead/envelopes, business cards, postcards, signage systems, advertisements, gift certificates, pricing inserts, etc. Over 30 years of fitness and spa management experience has provided our Creative Services Team with the experience and knowledge to understand what it takes to build a successful brand and develop unique marketing collaterals that are intriguing, creative, and cost effective.

Spa Innovation

Comprehensive Services

The implementation of these services is guided by our commitment to assist spa owners in creating a profitable business and a positive and memorable experience for their guests.

Project Feasibility

  • Systems audit
  • Market research and analysis
  • Budget review and projection
  • Design & Planning

  • Space planning
  • Interior design
  • Site inspection
  • Programme Development

  • Spa services menu
  • Treatment planning and packaging
  • Recreational and fitness programme
  • Membership programme
  • Sourcing & Purchasing

  • Spa products, amenities and giftware
  • Spa equipment
  • Recreational and fitness equipment
  • Financial Planning

  • Operating budget
  • Margins and pricing
  • Financial projections
  • Human Resources

  • Organisational structure
  • Staff manning guide
  • Recruitment
  • Training

  • Spa therapy
  • Frontline services and sales
  • Spa management
  • Personal coaching
  • Operations

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Operations set-up
  • Operations manual
  • Sales & Marketing

  • Branding
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Public relations
  • Special events
  • Website design
  • Sales & Marketing

  • Management
  • Business development
  • Spa management
  • Spa Profitability

    Needs Evaluation/Business Review

    Your Needs Evaluation is completed in a scheduled telephone interview lasting approximately one hour. During this time, we write a clear statement of your objectives, whether it's turning around an existing business or commencing a project from scratch.

    Site Assessments & Startup Assessments

    For owners with a spa concept or business idea, we recommend a site assessment in which company professionals will:

  • Investigate the business idea relative to the marketplace and site;
  • Discuss a concept, operational characteristics and scope of work involved in set-up;
  • Give an unbiased verbal assessment of the feasibility of your business opportunity and its potential.
  • Existing Spa Business Assessments

    In the case of an existing business, company professionals will conduct an on-site business evaluation from the point of view of:

  • Success and functioning of operating procedures;
  • Success relative to market position;
  • Future prospects for company following current and improved paths.

  • Business Planning

    Even veteran spa owners and operators strain under the onslaught of daily information. With our experience in building and implementing business strategies for spas across North America and Europe, we can create customized tools for you. Proper spa business planning will help you refine your business objectives and increase your profitability.

    Facility Development

    Behind every winning spa is a combination of vision, determination and intelligence. Sound advice from can help you align your business strategies with your guests' expectations to create a business that hums.

  • Therapeutic Programming: creating conceptually appropriate and effective therapeutic programs.
  • Spa Layout: Striking a healthy compromise between functionality, productivity and profitability.
  • Equipment/Product Selection: We can guide you through one of the most important selection processes in the development or expansion of your facility.
  • Guest Satisfaction: Let us help you meet the demands of your customer - so you can achieve sustainable, long-term growth.
  • Marketing: Effective and concise target marketing is vital. We provide useful systems to help you grow and strengthen your spa business
  • Sales Goals

    Do you have a strategic business development philosophy? At what capacity is your facility operating? Is repeat business a bonus or the norm? We look at your needs, budget and demographics to help you improve the accuracy and size of your sales targets and plan effectively for realistic growth.


    Coaching: sharing our experience

    Spa owners and operators can develop tunnel vision, focusing on working in the business rather than on the business. Our coaching program is ideal for owners and operators who are open to the knowledge of our years of experience. Concentrating on client retention, increased sales and improved services, our Coaching Program entails onsite visits or regular telephone calls at a time suitable to both parties. At the end of each session we give you specific tasks to work on until the next session, and along the way, keep tabs on your financial figures to monitor your progress, offering a short summary of the coaching call and steps remaining to be taken.

    On-site training

    We can train you and your staff in the following areas:

  • Technical spa protocols
  • Retail sales
  • Team building
  • Consistency of delivery
  • Motivation
  • Customer service
  • Quality systems
  • Our training events are customized to your requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs.


    With an excellent track record in turning unprofitable spas into lucrative businesses via re-branding, training, improved systems and superior marketing techniques, has the experience and practical skills to help you elevate your venture to dramatic new levels of success.

    Magazine has evolved from a quarterly print magazine that was founded in 2004. Called Spas India Magazine, its content was a combination of company news releases and original articles from industry leaders, and its charge was to be an information resource for senior level executives in the Spas/Hotel/Resort/Manufacturers & suppliers in industry.

    In fact, it was the first publication of its kind to deliver news directly to this specific market. In 2005, feedback from our readers alerted us to the need for an environment without advertising or commercial bias in which industry leaders and professionals could share information. The Internet may have been just beginning, but we saw it's possibilities and created Spas Business Review, the first online publication for the Spa industry. What you see before you is the result of a year-long face lift for new website , brought on by the dramatic changes in Internet technology and pervasiveness.

    In our 5 years of business, has amassed a huge volume of original and informative articles for the hospitality professional. Our online library contains thousands timely and resourceful articles which are accessible to our readers, and we are now a global resource for more than 30,000 readers every quarter. To Open a day Spa what you need:

    Benefits of Spa Resort Planning & Development

    We have outlined some of the most basic issues involved in spa development. All of the actions which accompany or result from the decision-making process of development will have various impacts on costs and benefits from economic, environment and social standpoints. It is important to remember that spa resort development is, above all other considerations, an economic process. Social and environmental issues become irrelevant if the spa project does not prove to be economically viable, for few spas are built as philanthropic entities. Development is not a one-time process for new resorts only. In order to remain viable in an intensely competitive market environment, spa operators must continually upgrade guest facilities and periodically add new amenities that will appeal to future markets.

    The overriding corporate goals of the development team are to earn a profit. Given this orientation, it is natural for the developer to focus on economic issues. It should be kept in mind that economic decisions (such as those which determine the number and kinds of visitors to be sought, the size of the development, the speed of its construction, the amounts of money to be invested in which amenities, and land use) will have social and environmental impacts on the destination area, which will in turn affect the resort's ability to attract visitors. Demand for the product must be strong enough to induce the consumer to travel to the point of the spa destination to purchase the product.

    The spa development process logically begins with a consideration of multiple factors and market focus. Without market orientation, development would assume an irresponsible level of risk with investor's money. Developers and managers should find out what the market wants and design the spa to appeal to those wants. A market feasibility study is the first step in the process. The market study attempts to define potential markets and estimate their size. The key for management is to interpret and adapt such data to the needs of its own operation.

    The market study should also analyze the competition of other operators and other spa destinations. Management must carefully interpret the information to gauge whether the potential market segment is already saturated by the competition. Market forecasts should help management decide what rate of development can be profitably sustained. Governments, especially in developing nations, may finance spa resorts in an attempt to obtain urgently needed foreign exchange or to stimulate internal industries such as construction and services.

    The Process of Planning & Development

    Spa resort planning and development is basically an economic process, and all other goals - social and environmental - must be subordinated to the economic objective, all other goals become moot.

    It is important to understand that the developer is not a contractor, an architect, a financier, or hotel manager. The developer is a specialist who finds and coordinates a team of experts in specific areas, such as construction, designing, and financing, to create a new project. The developer conceives of the spa resort only secondarily in terms of management; primarily it is a real estate project comprised of many profit-generating elements which may include golf courses, shops, a marina, ski slopes, vacation homes, casinos, and condominiums, as well as one or more resort hotels. In some instances, the spa may not even be considered the primary element in the overall project plan.

    The development company initiates the spa project, provides the venture capital, and takes the first risk. The risk is high because front-end money, or working capital which gets the project through the initial planning stages, cannot be borrowed from conventional financing sources. Because of the high degree of risk, developers usually require a high rate of return on their investment, often in the neighborhood of 25% or more. Development funds also have a distinct time limitation for recapture, usually three years or less.

    Capital Requirements

    Spas require higher investment for renovation to keep them attractive over the years. One of the most pressing development problems facing spa management today and in the foreseeable future is that capital to finance further spa development is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

    Lenders are generally not willing to put up mortgages for more than eight to ten years, forcing investors to seek refinancing midway through the expected life of the project or to accelerate the payback period. Domestic mortgage lenders are becoming more anxious to protect their loan investments. Interest rates are that are renegotiable after a set number of years or rates that float with the prime rate are becoming more common for long-term loans. With keener competition for loan money, resort owners are sometimes being required to sweeten loan negotiations by throwing a small share of ownership for lenders so they can participate in profits and exert more control over the project. Developers have gradually realized that conventional financing for the later development stages is easier to secure if the overall level of project risk has been reduced by including operational management experts. In addition, the presence of a well-known spa management company usually helps to make the spa resort product more marketable. And the more profitable resorts tend to be those in which experienced spa management input has been present from the beginning.

    Spa resort development investments commonly have the following characteristics:

  • Heavy costs in fixed assets for land, buildings, and visitor amenities
  • Generally, low returns on investment in early years (often far below prevailing money interest rates
  • A long payback period with low cash flows during the early years
  • These characteristics make spa resort investment most attractive to investors with large sums of investment capital who are seeking real estate tax advantages, long-range economic gains in terms of potential equity buildup, or an investment which can act as a hedge against inflation. Because of the front loaded development costs the primary objective is to maximize profits on operations as quickly as possible. Conceptualizing the Master Plan During the preliminary planning, management consultants help in defining several basics:

  • Formulation of the spa image
  • Location of the spa
  • Location of other amenities - golf course, tennis courts, ski slopes, marina, or other recreational activities
  • Provision for expansion for the spa, hotel and/or recreational activities
  • Design and engineering of the spa resort including what is the planned organizational structure for the spa management and staff, maintenance and rehabilitation policies, local codes related to buildings, water supply, fire safety, special storage requirements, etc. Menu planning - what types of menus will be needed, types of equipment and production space required to prepare and serve these menu items
  • Preliminary concepts related to marketing of spa products including what type of theme will be emphasized, types of decor envisioned for each area, marketing programs planned The master plan if not a document which pertains only to the planning and development of a new property. Rather, it is the planning blueprint for operations throughout the life cycle of the resort.
  • The Role of Professional Planners

    Typically participants in the planning and development process include:

  • Market and financial analysis
  • Architects
  • Engineers and potential contractors
  • Land planners
  • Social engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Management consultants or operators
  • Finally, markets change. Over the life of a spa resort development, the tastes and demands of markets will change while, simultaneously, the spa itself will evolve through what may be analogous to the "product life cycle" of manufactured goods. The objective of management in a country of change is to continually use developmental planning to control the rate and direction of change.