Business Repersentation

Spas India is a professionally managed organisation that renders business liaising and allied services in Pan India.

We offer premium quality services to institutions and individuals for any assignment which is not against law and prevailing social order. Our services include business representation, follow up of trade enquiries/orders, product sourcing, inspection/verification, liaising with government departments, interaction/ negotiation with your clients, messenger services, gathering market intelligence, providing marketing assistance, and execution of any official / personal assignment / requirement however big or small.


Consulting service
purchasing and sourcing service
market& sales support
Innovation Information
market research & market

Agency/Trade services working in partnership with our customers we cater for their needs of competitive price,high quality,on-time delivery,as weel as ethical sourcing.
We will help manage the logistics of distribution and importing private label consumer goods across many producers and countries.
Arranging for provision of legal and taxation advice and opinions intellectual property,trademark,patent and royalty work trustee services
Buying/Sellingoffice, agent, business service(Transportation,Finance,Travel,Ads,etc). Trade agency, buyer representative, inspection, agency, Quality Control, Inspector, buying agent, trade agent,
We're the right place for you when need someone to arrange everything on your orders

Our mission is to help foreign companies to establish in India and develop their business in very short time.

Consulting service
Finding Right Partner / Distributor
Purchasing and sourcing service
Marketing & Sales support
Innovation Information
Market Research & Market
Analysis ,Translating service
Business Meeting Service
Trade fair service
Legal advice
Tax advice
Credit Investigation
Customer service support

Promotion or marketing of products within India
Promotion or marketing of services within India
Indenting Commission agents - Indian / overseas..
C&F or depot management on your behalf
Billing, issue or collection or recovery of payments
Maintenance of accounts and remittance.
Public relation services , management or supervision.

Business support services:

Evaluation of Prospective customers
Providing office address and facilities at New Delhi for your operations
Legal consultancy services with respect to commercial matters
Laison with various authorities.